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Here are a number of the key benefits when you choose to work with Smile.


Great Savings

By looking closely at your current call plans and your actual usage Smile can make great savings of up to 15% on your line rental and up to 45% on call charges when compared to BT.


Smile Quick Response

We have become known for our efficient and friendly Customer Services Department and what’s more it’s UK based!


Office phone solutions

Your phone is at the heart of your business’s ability to respond to customers. That’s why our solutions put reliability and responsiveness first. A high quality, reliable office phone system is essential for any successful business. It ensures good lines of communications with customers, clients and between staff. Whatever your industry or specialisation, office phone systems will always be a priority. While email and mobile are widely used, sometimes people just want to pick up the phone and speak to someone centrally or back at base. You need a simple-to-use, effective system that works reliably every time.


A better business phone line experience

Smile offer's an outstanding range of VoIP business phone line packages for a reliable and clear communications service - or if you already have analogue phones that you want to keep using, we can give you access to the perfect ‘calls only’ package at incredibly competitive prices. VoIP is the ideal alternative to traditional telephony, with great cost savings and loads of brilliant features to keep your business connected.


Whether you’re in the market for an up-to-date business phone system, or are just looking to save money on your phone lines and calling costs, our team of experts are here to help you get the best deal on the market.


We can provide reliable and flexible VoIP services to suit your specific requirements, tailoring features and functionality to complement the way you work - we take the time to listen, ensuring the best solutions and a strong, ongoing partnership.


VoIP software and phone lines

The beauty of choosing a VoIP business phone line is its portability - you can take your number wherever you go, as this fantastic communication solution transmits data digitally, rather than through the traditional route of a fixed phone line.


Benefits of this type of business phone line include:


Reduced charges

Increase efficiency

Access anywhere


Whether you’re a small but growing business or have multiple premises, we can create a bespoke VoIP or analogue call-only package that will improve your communications and cut costs, without compromising on call quality.










Phone Systems


Smile products:

About Us

With many years of understanding customer needs and offering great savings and added value Smile has built a reputation built on appreciating a customer’s true needs. Call us today and we’ll show you how our levels of service leave you with a Smile.

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