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Safety should be at the forefront of every fleet manager’s mind, bringing employees home safely at the end of a day is where our focus lies. Dangerous driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking and unnecessary acceleration significantly contribute to road traffic incidents but also negatively impact fleet running costs. By improving safety in your fleet, you will save lives. You will also spend less on fuel, maintenance and most certainly insurance without even thinking about it.


Our risk based driver score algorithms report on negative behaviours, allowing you to address concerns and reward good performance. A thorough app- based daily walkaround check enables the remote monitoring of your fleet condition and suitability to operate. Driver ID tags each driver into their vehicle, making them accountable for their actions o the road.

A robust suite of MI reporting lets you track productivity with journey reports and mileage capture whilst CO2 footprint and idling cost widgets let you see how you’re saving the environment along the way. Proactive POI and geofence alerts coupled with live and dash mounted camera integration pull everything into one place.



IncidentCam is the next generation of event driven mobile CCTV. Capable of recording driving activity onto a tamper proof flash memory on a continuous loop in high definition, with automated video alerts sent in the event of a collision or near miss.

Video on demand can be remotely requested to supplement event footage and drivers are protected with a panic button which will prompt a clip upload when activated.

IncidentCam now features the option of a secondary camera with event driven uploads and alerts to capture events behind or inside the vehicle when required. Combine a secondary camera and remotely selectable audio recording to capture even more.









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